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Five things to pay attention to when raising a dog

1. Regular diet


When raising dogs, it is necessary to develop regular, fixed-point and quantitative eating habits. Do not feed them too much or eat some disordered food, which will cause indigestion or picky eating habits. It is recommended to choose low salt, light and balanced natural dog food.

2. Avoid eating "Jian" bone

Dog in molar period in order to give it molar calcium, you can give it some pig, cattle and sheep big bone stick bite, must not give it chicken and duck bone or fish bone, will scratch the dog's throat and stomach. You can also buy it dog chewing gum or chicken and other small snacks.

3. Cleaning care


Usually to do regular body cleaning for the dog, this is also an important step in the dog's attention. Comb it regularly to avoid hair knots. The dog's residence and usual favorite place should also be kept clean and dry, so as not to breed bacteria and endanger the dog's health.

4. Exercise

In addition to adequate diet every day, but also to ensure that the dog daily exercise. Take it out to run can consume its vigorous physical strength, prevent the occurrence of obesity. Can also enhance the dog's physique, improve its immunity.

5. Clear rewards and punishments


In the process of training dogs, we must be clear about rewards and punishments. Complete the correct completion of your instructions, it is necessary to praise or give some snacks as a reward. If you do something wrong or mischievous, you should reprimand it appropriately, communicate with it, remember not to beat and scold, and be patient.