Besides sleeping, cats have many hobbies. What are your cats' hobbies?

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As we all know, cats' biggest hobby should be sleeping. They spend two-thirds of their time in a day sleeping. So, what other hobbies do they have?

1. Bask in the sun. Cats are like sunflowers. They are small animals born in the sun. Especially in the cold winter, they will chase the sun to sleep.

And the cat sun beneficial to health Oh, their hair in the sun can synthesize vitamins, and then lick the hair when eating.

2. Lick the hair. Combing the cat's hair can not only make the cat clean, but also relieve the pressure, relax the mood, and make the cat warm in winter and cool in summer.

3. grind the claws. In order to keep the claws sharp and prevent excessive bending, cats have developed the habit of grinding their claws. This is the instinct of the cat.

There are sweat glands between the fingernails of the cat. When grinding claws, it can leave its own unique smell. Do you feel happy for a moment when the owners of cats are the cat grabbing board?

4. climb high. As the boss of the family, the cat likes to stand high and overlook her own river and mountain. For example, on the cabinet, on the air conditioner, on the curtain, and even climbing to the ceiling.

5. Point your butt at you. Sometimes when you wake up, you will find that the cat's big ass is facing you. Sometimes when you roll the cat, the cat will face you with its big ass.

In fact, this is the cat greeting you, on behalf of friendly meaning, this is a delicious hello.

6. Drill the box. The cat's love for the box can be said to be engraved on the bone. See the box must drill, like the box more than you carefully selected cat nest.

7. Watch people go to the toilet. Which excrement shoveling officer hasn't been watched by a cat before going to the toilet or taking a bath? This is probably the cat's feedback for you to stare at it every day to go to the toilet. If you watch it too much, you will get used to it.

8. Love to play. How can naughty kittens play less? When you don't play with it, it can amuse itself, push off a cup, break a flowerpot

9. Step on the milk. The cat will step on the soft quilt, blanket and excrement shovel to express its good mood. It will relax and enjoy when stepping on it. It will also make a happy purr.

What's your cat's hobby? Let's have a discussion!