Do you know cats? Do you know what they like?

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Cats are very cute animals, they like a lot of things, among them, dried fish is their favorite. Cats, like people, like fresh, delicious and nutritious food. Cats also like to find a comfortable place, put on a comfortable posture, sleep, take a nap. Every time cats find something they are particularly interested in, they can have a very exciting day. However, as cats get older, they will prefer feather toys. So, what do cats like? Let's talk about it today. By the way, we can test your understanding of cats.

1. Cats like sleeping and napping very much

As we all know, cats are a kind of sleeping animals, the average sleeping time of each cat is 12-16 hours a day. The reason why they sleep during the day is also because they are nocturnal animals, so they sleep longer during the day. Kittens and older cats sleep longer than puberty cats. If the owner is worried that his cat's sleeping time is too long or too short, he can consult the veterinarian about his cat's breed, age, normal sleeping time and body size.

2. Cats love beauty

Adult cats take care of their hair about half of the day. As we usually see, cats often lick their hair. That's why they are grooming. It can be seen that the cat is a very beautiful animal.

3. Cats like fresh, delicious and nutritious food

The cat is a kind of animal that pursues the quality of life very much, they are not willing to accept the bad food. Bad food not only tastes bad, but also contains a lot of bacteria. For example, Salmonella and Staphylococcus, eat these bad food will make the cat's body worse, also easy to get sick. Therefore, when preparing food for kittens, we must pay attention to the shelf life and provide fresh, safe and nutritious food for cats.

4. Cats like to drink directly under the tap

Cat owners should be very clear that cats will try to drink directly from the tap whenever they have a chance. They enjoy this feeling. Fortunately, there are many water dispensers specially designed for cats now, so owners don't have to worry that cats will drink unclean water.

5. Cats like to catch all kinds of things

One of the characteristics of cats is to scratch. They can sharpen their claws by scratching different things. Not only that, they will also feel relaxed and happy by scratching things. When a tired kitten quickly grasps something, it can quickly recover from the tired state.

Playing is actually a very important part of the cat's life. Whether it's a kitten or an old cat, they all like to play. However, the cat's toys don't need to be very complicated. With a stick and a rope, they can play for a long time. These toys and games can not only make the cat feel happy and enhance the relationship between the owner and the cat, but also make the cat exercise and keep healthy.