Cats like you, it will have five kinds of performance, your family have it?

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Some pet owners can't judge whether their cats like them or not because they have only a short time to keep cats. They are very upset about this. They want to know whether their cats like themselves or not. In fact, whether they like their host or not, we can get the result by observing their performance. If your cat has these five performances, it means that it likes you very much!

The first performance: I like to stare at you

Cats usually run out and play. They will never stay at home if they can stay at home. But if you find that your cat doesn't go out often, but often squats at home and stares at you from time to time, it means it likes you. Because they will never stare at "things" they are not interested in. They always stare at you, only to say that they are interested in you, which means that it likes you very much.

The second performance: to be spoiled on you

Cats can be spoiled. Have you seen them? If you have not seen a cat to be spoiled, it means that the cat that everyone is raising at home doesn't like herself. Because cats only to their own trust, like people, it only like you, will be to you. However, this performance is also not allowed, because some cats are more proud of their character, no matter how much they like their owners, they will not be spoiled their owners. But some cats are special relatives. They like their owners, and they will run to their owners and play with their owners.

The third performance: give you gifts

We don't think cats are very cold-blooded animals. In fact, cats are all cold and hot inside. Their hearts are very warm. For example, many cats who like their owners will not be spoiled with their owners, but they will take small gifts from outside and return home. They will give them small gifts to their owners. Among these gifts, there may be small fish, mice, birds, and other things. In short, if your cat gives you a small gift, it means it likes you very much.

Fourth performance: waiting patiently at the bathroom door


Because there is so much water in the bathroom, it is a dangerous place for cats. If the cat likes you, it will be particularly worried about your safety. Every time you go to the bathroom, it will be waiting patiently at the bathroom door. However, if you don't come out for a long time, it will be shouting at the bathroom door, because it wants to know if you have any trouble. But if it doesn't like you, it won't follow you anywhere you go.

The fifth performance: sleep around you

In fact, we can also pay attention to the place where our cat sleeps. If they don't like the master, they will be far away from themselves, but if they like the master, they will surely run to the host and sleep beside the host.